The future is You! Essay Competition - My Country, Our World 2030

The future is you! The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) is launching an essay competition under the title “My Country, Our World in 2030” to coincide with the May 2019 EU Parliament Elections. This is an exciting opportunity for young people to tell us how they see the future of both their country and Europe more broadly.

Prizes include a fully funded trip to a summer school of your choice, and opportunities to participate in international events, as well as laptops and smartphones.

Some of the leading questions we want you to address include:

1. How do you think your country will be governed and how will it be positioned in the European and global economic and political scene in 2030? 

2. What are the main developments that will characterise your country and Europe in the future? 

3. What do you think the words “world”, “Europe”, and “country” will mean to you more than a decade from now?

Entries will be accepted until March 31, 2019. The competition is open to anyone aged up to the age of 27 from Council of Europe and CIS countries. Entries should be sent to More details can be found on the attached flyer or at

Accounts on Twitter (@DOCResearchInst) and on Facebook:



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