Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Electrical Engineering

University of Mostar, Matice hrvatske bb, 88000, Mostar, BiH

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PDV number: 227088130005

Giro account: 338130227132659

IBAN: BA3933813048322637513


Faculty administration

Associate professor, PhD.

Željko Stojkić



Full professor, PhD

Remzo Dedić

Vice dean for science


Faculty secretary:
Suzana Marić, dipl. iur.
+387 36 337 005 / suzana.maric@fsre.sum.ba
Deans office:
Marina Bogdan
+387 36 337 001 / office@fsre.sum.ba
Student service
Jagoda Glibo
+387 36 337 003 / referada@fsre.sum.ba
Financial service
Ljilja Marić
+387 36 337 029 / ljilja.maric@fsre.sum.ba
Informatical support
Vedran Buhovac, mag. ing. rač.
+387 36 337 044 / vedran.buhovac@fsre.sum.ba

The faculty history


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing, University of Mostar, founded the Association of former students named ALUMNI FSR. At the Founding Assembly, held on December 15, 2014, members of the Presidency are appointed, the Secretary, the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board of the Association.

This is a voluntary association that joins all those who have graduated, master or doctorate studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing. The purpose of this association is to connect all generations of graduated students in order to maintain relationships and to achieve lasting and mutual benefit and cooperation.

Among the basic objectives of ALUMNI FSR existence is the development of cooperation between the Faculty and enterprises, organizations and institutions where former students work, along with the participation in international scientific, research and professional exchange and cooperation, and establishing contacts with other ALUMINUM associations in the country and abroad.


University of Mostar, Faculty of
Mechanical Engineering, Computing
and Electrical Engineering
Matice hrvatske bb, 88000, Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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